Digital Glass Printing

Discover glass as a new medium for art and design with digital print technology and colorful ceramic ink to illuminate your design. With Hollander digital glass printing you can print high resolution images, designs, patterns, solid colors, and logos direct to glass. Our state-of-the-art printer utilizes brilliant ceramic inks and prints at 1440 DPI.

Our Digital Glass Printing

Hollander digital glass printing utilizes state of the art digital printing technology to print directly to glass using our specially formulated ceramik inks. The print is permanently fused into the glass during the tempering process making the printed glass highly durable. Digital glass printing can be used in a variety of commercial and residential applications. At Hollander Glass we help architects, interior designers, glass retailers, contractors, and glaziers bring their vision to life with glass. You can submit a ready to print file, choose from any of our stock prints, or have the Hollander design team start from scratch. Our in-house design team will assist you with graphic design and project management support for your project. We work with small to large projects of all types, for a variety of industries.

Features & Benefits

  • Fast lead times, high quality, and unlimited design options
  • Prints are durable, scratch resistant, and fade-proof
  • 1440 dpi print quality
  • Print on a variety of specialty glass products in our inventory
  • Over 1200 color combinations
  • Control the opacity of your print
  • Glass can be laminated or back painted after the printing process


  • Cabinet Glass
  • Art installations
  • Backsplashes
  • Countertops
  • Doors (Interior/exterior door panels, shower doors, Barn, doors)
  • Elevator interiors
  • Glass tables
  • Signage
  • Stained glass window replications
  • Partitions
  • Panels
  • Wall art
  • And much more!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the maximum size of glass I can print on?

Maximum size 63” x 98". Minimum size 9” x 9”.

What thicknesses can I print?

5/32” (4mm) + up to 12mm.

What type of glass can I print on?

Clear float glass, low iron glass, lux print anti-reflective glass, pattern glass, satin etch glass.

What additional fabrication can be done on printed glass?

All printed glass MUST go through the tempering process. Printed glass can be laminated or insulated after printing. Printed glass can have drill cut-outs, notches, holes, and polished or beveled edges.

How do you clean printed glass?

Any cleaning product used for regular glass can be used for printed glass.

What type of files are accepted?

If you are a designer, files can be submitted in PNG, JPEG, AI, TIFF, or PSD format. All files should be at LEAST 300 dpi. If you have a concept or a sketch, our design team can help bring your work to life.

Will the image printed on glass look exactly same as the image I see on the computer screen or printed on paper?

While we use precise color matching techniques, some colors will appear differently due to the inherent differences of glass as the print medium.

Where can I find stock images?

Hollander Glass stock images can be found HERE.

How do I get my project started?

Reach out to one of our sales reps or fill out a form to tell us about your architectural glass product. We will follow up with a free design consultation.